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Why having “buck teeth” can be a problem

Firstly, they are not “buck teeth“. This is a rather inappropriate way of referring to the two upper incisors when they are larger and are placed in front of the lower incisors. They are also known as “protruding teeth”, with the more appropriate term being dental protrusion.


Causes of the so-called “buck teeth”

Protrusion can be due to both an insufficient development of the upper jaw and a very exaggerated development of the lower jaw. This problem usually appears in childhood.

These protruding teeth can give the mouth a very unsightly appearance. However, this is not the most serious risk. Tooth protrusion can cause:

  • Tooth decay and gum disease due to tartar and plaque build-up.
  • If the protrusion is very pronounced, it can even deform the face and prevent the lips from joining.

These causes justify the need for a solution to this problem.

Most appropriate treatment

Orthodontics is the best way to put an end to this dental problem, either with classic or invisible orthodontics. In severe cases, however, orthognathic surgery may be necessary.

Orthodontic treatment is a valid option for any age and perfectly compatible with daily oral hygiene. Moreover, it is very easy to wear if the dentist’s guidelines are strictly followed.

Nowadays, braces are much more efficient thanks to technological developments. They are now smaller and more comfortable. They are also more aesthetically pleasing in appearance because they can be fitted with coloured elastic ligatures to suit the patient’s taste.

On the other hand, invisible orthodontics are very effective because the aligners move the teeth until they are positioned in the correct place. To undergo this treatment, a mould of the patient’s mouth must first be taken and digitised in order to digitally place the teeth.

At IGB Dental we will determine the best solution for you. For “buck teeth“? No. For dental protrusion, yes. We know it’s the same thing, but we must use the correct term. Come and see us at our dental clinics in Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig, Elda and Elche.

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IGB DentalWhy having “buck teeth” can be a problem

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