Implants and fixed teeth in 1 day

We’re leaders in Immediate Implant Placement thanks to the huge number of patients who place their trust in us every day and enjoy the results of this wonderful technique.


What is immediate implant placement?

The implants and fixed teeth are placed on the same day the extractions are performed.

Don’t know what an implant is or what parts it consists of? You can see all the detailed information in our dental implants section.

At IGB Dental we put fixed teeth in place on the same day as the surgery, giving greater quality of life and confidence as patients can return to normal life immediately.

Patients fitted with old-fashioned full dentures find that they don’t fit as well after a while due to re-absorption of the alveolar bone and their gums, so they are forced to use dental adhesives to keep their false teeth in place. With screw implants patients can forget about their false teeth.

All on 4 implants and fixed teeth

This technique is used for patients who don’t have much bone, as it means we can fit the complete dental arch on 4 implants, in a fixed position, with no need for bone grafts, in a single day and with a higher success rate than for other procedures

The implants are strategically arranged to ensure they’re fixed correctly and to prevent overloading the bone. It’s been shown that the success of dental restoration doesn’t depend on putting more implants in place, but their quality and the quality of the bone they’re anchored to.

Dr. Alejandro Gómiz Bordalás trained at the MALO CLINIC, where the All on 4 implants and fixed teeth technique was developed, achieving some amazing results with minimum discomfort to patients and more importantly, improving their quality of life.

This technique is one of the newest in the field of advanced implant placement.

All on 5 and All on 6 implants

Similar to the previous ones, except that they’re used to rehabilitate the full dental arch, which we recommend if the patient has sufficient bone in their jaw.

Real case performed by Dr. Alejandro Gómiz at the IGB dental clinic in Alicante

free of charge

Come and see us, we offer free study and diagnosis with x-ray and/or scan to check your mouth and teeth’s health

Zygomatic implants

We use this technique to rehabilitate jawbone atrophy in just one day and with a single operation. You can find out more about them and the procedure involved on our implant placement FAQs page.

And all with the latest technology.
Computer-guided surgery.

With the advanced technology you’ll find in our clinics, we obtain high quality 3D (three-dimensional) jaw reconstructions that we use to plan everything in detail.

With this information a template or surgical guide is produced to make it easier to place the implants inside the mouth in the perfectly pre-designed location and direction. This means our implant surgery is much more accurate, with as little surgical intervention as possible (minimally invasive surgery) and we sometimes don’t even have to make incisions or use sutures, so we obtain better post-operative outcomes.

Our exclusive technology means that integrated implant placement unifies diagnosis using digital photography and three-dimensional x-rays.


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