Teeth whitening

At IGB Dental we have treatments that have proved to be successful in improving the appearance of your teeth and your smile.


What is teeth whitening?

This treatment lightens the colour of your teeth by applying a chemical agent and sometimes light or heat that penetrates the enamel and the dentine.

Firstly, the dentist applies a substance that covers and protects the gums around the teeth. Next, the whitening agent is placed on the teeth and if it needs activating, a lamp or laser is also applied during the time needed for the treatment to take effect.

How long does the whitening effect last?

The estimated duration time is twelve months, although this depends on the characteristics of each person’s teeth and on their habits.

How often can I have whitening done?

Teeth whitening is a medical treatment, so the dentist will advise if it’s necessary to repeat it, but if stains start to appear it can be done once a year.

When will I see the results?

This will depend on each patient, but you can usually see the results after a few days.

Can it damage my teeth?

No, teeth whitening treatments carried out in the clinic under medical supervision are safe.

How white will my teeth look?

Depending on the colour of your teeth before the treatment, you may be able to get up to 8 shades lighter.

Does whitening hurt?

The treatment isn’t painful, but your teeth may feel a little sensitive during or after the treatment. It’s quite normal during the first 48 hours to experience a few shooting pains that can be prevented simply by not consuming very cold or very hot food and drink.

Can I have my teeth whitened if I’m pregnant?

There’s no evidence that teeth whitening can be bad for your baby, but equally there’s no clear evidence that it’s completely safe. In view of this, we advise either having the treatment before becoming pregnant or waiting until the baby is born and you have finished breastfeeding.

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