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Do not let a slight discomfort turn into something serious

A pain in the teeth can be nothing. Or everything.
Come to the consultation before any sign of alert. Here we will establish the diagnosis.
One of my teeth hurt

If when you take some very cold or very hot food you notice an annoyance or intense pain in the teeth, it is very likely that you have dental sensitivity.

I have bad breath

Halitosis is a very common phenomenon that originates in the mouth.

I’ve broken a tooth with one blow

You are playing, practicing sports or doing any other activity and, almost without realizing it, you break a tooth by a fall or a blow. Immediately you must go to the dentist.

My gums bleed

If blood spots appear during the daily brushing of the teeth, it is time to go to the dentist.

I grind my teeth

Depression, stress or headaches or jaw are some of the most common causes of this disorder.

I have yellow teeth

It is possible that at some point you look in the mirror and realize that your teeth are not completely white.

I have a toothache

Do you feel a very intense pain around the mouth? It is very likely that it comes from one or several teeth. In fact it is one of the most common discomforts that are treated in any dental clinic.

I have crooked teeth

It is more common than is believed, especially if we talk about children, that the position of some teeth is slightly deviated in the jaw.

A tooth is moving

Do you feel your teeth with mobility? You are likely to experience a process of alveolar bone loss.

free of charge

Come and see us, we offer free study and diagnosis with x-ray and/or scan to check your mouth and teeth’s health

The best professional medical care, book your appointment now

All of us in the medical team treat patients with a friendly approach and answer all their queries, so you’ll always have someone to support you. We’ll be with you to clear up all your concerns and help you finally get your smile back.

If you want answers to all your questions about dental implant procedures, just call us and arrange an appointment with no obligation. The first visit is free of charge and includes diagnosis as well as an x-ray of your teeth. Plus, as we want to make things even easier for you, our clinics are in the centre of each town.



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