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Stained teeth. What are the causes?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed a stain that wasn’t there before? Although they usually go away when you brush your teeth, they are annoying at first glance and you don’t know exactly where they came from, when or why.

Teeth are naturally white in colour, although everyone has a greater or lesser degree of whiteness. One of the myths that is believed in society is that tooth whiteners make your teeth pearly, when in fact they simply remove the stains that are currently on your teeth. The natural colour, whether it is more yellow or white, will stand out more, but it will not change.

So, what causes tooth stains?

  • Food

Excessive consumption of tea or coffee causes the natural tooth colour to become darker and darker over time, resembling yellow. Moreover, foods such as vinegar or citrus fruits cause the enamel to suffer because it becomes more transparent, which makes the yellowish dentine stand out.

  • Tobacco

It causes a lot of yellow and slightly brown stains, and affects the teeth as well as the gums and tongue. Repeated tobacco use can have greater consequences than stained teeth.

  • Fluoride

Fluorosis is the name given to the staining of the teeth caused by the use of large quantities of fluoride.

  • Tooth discolouration

Some teeth have white stains that become darker and darker over time. This could be a symptom of tooth decay, the bacteria residing in the mouth causes the food we eat to turn into acids that erode the teeth.

  • Poor oral hygiene

It is important to brush your teeth regularly and to know how to do so properly. Soft deposits, which are the stains that appear behind the first teeth, are caused by dental plaque and tartar.

  • Medicine

Some medicines or illnesses have consequences on our teeth, leaving traces of colour if they are used excessively and for a long time, or making them more sensitive in terms of enamel.

As you can see, it is important to take care of your daily diet, and healthy habits will keep your mouth and teeth healthy and perfect. You can always count on the help of specialists who, together with dental hygiene check-ups and professional cleanings, will help you to control any stains you may be concerned about. However, everything is determined by how you use them in your daily life. Teeth are for life and you must take care of them every day. Avoiding certain foods from time to time is a sacrifice you must make if you want your oral health to be as good as possible.

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IGB DentalStained teeth. What are the causes?