Dental implant placement ina Alicante and province

Dental implants in Alicante, Elche, Elda and San Vicente del Raspeig.

Many of our patients come to our clinic because they needed dental implant treatment so they could live a normal life again, do everyday things like chewing normally or be able to smile properly.

Our advanced dental implants are fitted using the latest medical technology. At IGB Dental we want to make sure you don’t have to worry about a thing: in just one day you’ll have your implants and fixed teeth fitted, and our patients can describe their experience to you in these videos:

Can I opt for implants and fixed teeth in one day, even if I have no bone?

It depends on the degree of bone resorption in your jaw. The first thing to do is take a scan of the patient to see the state of the jaw area. Next, a replica is made using our 3D reconstruction machine to get a better perspective when performing the surgery. In most cases this is possible.

The training and experience obtained by Dr. Alejandro Gómiz Bordalás in this type of implants means this is now possible. When the jaw is reconstructed using this technique, we can perform the surgery for implants and fixed teeth at the same time.

Implants and fixed teeth in one day mean peace of mind. The procedure is minimally invasive surgery. Our patients say: “It’s as if you’ve got your own teeth back. It’s life-changing”.

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