Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid

As a wrinkle and lip filler

Now in our dental clinic we offer a cosmetic wrinkle and lip filler service using hyaluronic acid, as an additional cosmetic treatment.

You may ask, why do this in a dental clinic? Because dentists are already specialists in mouth-related cosmetic treatments; they’re medical professionals who are extremely familiar with the physical structure of the mouth and in order to carry out whitening treatments and fit veneers, for example, they know the doses required, the formulas and components and how to adapt them to each patient.

In dentistry it’s very common to use hyaluronic acid to help in the regeneration and healing process of gums and wounds in the mouth. This type of component is very helpful in the cosmetic side of treatments for people in whom this area has been affected by the ageing process, smoking, sun exposure, etc.

This means that in processes where the patient wants to have some form of dental cosmetic treatment, from now on they can show off a perfect smile as well, thanks to this kind of retouching carried out by their dentist.

What is hyaluronic acid for?

It’s a natural substance which, unlike Botox, is gradually absorbed by the body. Nowadays it’s very common to find it in face creams that aim to tighten skin and make it look more youthful.

How are teeth strengthened following this treatment?

When the infiltrations are carried out, the area becomes firmer and plumper as it gets a moisturising boost. It’s a lip remodelling procedure that:

  • Redraws the outline of the rejuvenated lip
  • Eliminates hollows and asymmetries around the mouth
  • Restores the firm tone of the lips and mouth
  • Reduces the visibility of the gums in the smile of patients whose gums are very visible or whose lips don’t close properly
  • Helps in the healing process after some dental treatments

It’s very quick, with no side effects and with instantly noticeable results, especially in patients who have the so-called “bar code” on their lips, giving an attractive volume with a very natural appearance after application. Your doctor will give you personalised advice on the procedure to suit your cosmetic needs.

The effects usually last an average of 9 to 15 months. The doctor will give you guidance and advice on treatment maintenance.

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