A good dental laboratory is the foundation on which a large dental practice is built

As well as the dentists, dental assistants and dental hygienists who make up part of the clinic’s healthcare staff, there are other professionals without whom it would be impossible to obtain excellent results for our patients. They are part of the dental laboratory and work behind the scenes: dental technicians.

The role of the laboratory, and therefore of dental technicians, is to design, reproduce and repair dental prothesis and teeth to perfection, following the specifications that the dentist has prescribed with the restorative dentistry treatment.

Communication between the dentist and the laboratory technician allows for a complete and reliable exchange of information during the manufacturing process of any tooth. From the initial patient consultation through diagnosis and treatment planning to the final fitting of the prothesis, the two must be in constant contact with each other.

Tecnología Cad-Cam
Protésico dental

Dental technicians must be skilled with their hands and have meticulous precision to carry out their creative work, as each prothesis, whether fixed or removable, is unique and this makes their trade a fundamentally artisanal profession.

At IGB Dental swe are aware of all this, and we always seek patient satisfaction, making decisions focused on achieving the highest quality and the best results for the mouth.

We have therefore opted for a modern, digitised dental laboratory, IGB Laboratory, which works exclusively and solely for IGB Dental, dperforming outstanding work, always in the best interests of our patients.

Advantages of having an exclusive laboratory like IGB Laboratory


The proximity of the laboratory allows us to be particularly agile both in the elaboration of our prothesis and in their fitting to the patient.

Working exclusively with IGB Laboratory allows us to make composites quickly and efficiently, as well as fitting prothesis and fixed teeth on the same day.

Likewise, at our clinics you will be able to have your new cap, crown or fixed prosthesis on dental prothesis in approximately one week.


Every day, dental technicians work on biomimetics, the challenge of imitating dental nature, because nature itself is an impressive world of different colours and a multitude of shapes that combine to create a perfect harmony, and it is this same harmony that they wish to achieve in order to create the perfect combination of beauty and oral health.

IGB Laboratory has the necessary technology and equipment, which enables them to tackle the challenge of imitating dental nature by means of an extraoral scanner and state-of-the-art software (CAD/CAM).

Following this process, IGB Laboratory rdigitally manufactures the tooth using a computer-assisted milling and polishing system. This is an innovative and very fast process.


One of the advantages of having a dental laboratory that works exclusively and solely for IGB Dental is the savings. Our patients can benefit from more competitive prices thanks to the cooperation between both companies within the same group, with 100% satisfactory results

Why is the role of the dental technician so important in dentistry?

Most of the treatments carried out in our dental clinics are associated with technical laboratory work, so without dental technicians these could not be carried out and our dentists would not be able to provide an excellent service to our patients.

The prothesis made by dental technicians replace the missing natural teeth so that the patient’s bite does not lose its effectiveness
. They also prevent the rest of the teeth from shifting and, in addition, restore our patients’ self-confidence so that they can chew normally, speak correctly and smile again.

Dental technicians provide their technical knowledge regarding the different types of prostheses and which would be suitable in each case, in terms of materials and characteristics, in order to adapt the work to be carried out between the result the patient wishes to achieve and what will be functional in their particular case, thus achieving a balance between the different factors to be taken into account, and resolving the patient’s problem.

Protésico dental
Tecnología Cad-Cam

Good communication between the dental technician and the dentist is fundamental, as it will result in an excellent job, because in order to achieve optimal treatment, both must plan together after having carried out a facial, dentolabial and gingival analysis of the patient.

In summary, it is of utmost importance that the dental technician and the dentist cooperate as a team, work closely together, and consider themselves a team to ensure an extraordinary job, as both are involved in the prosthetic treatments and the final result will depend on it. The aim is always to achieve a prosthesis that meets both the functional and aesthetic requirements of each patient.

This is why the symbiosis between the IGB Dental clinics and the IGB Laboratory provides agility, quality and price. And all of this is the basis of our success.