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Cosmetic dentistry treatment: whitening and veneers

At IGB Dental we have treatments that have proved to be successful in improving the appearance of your teeth and your smile: dark or yellowing teeth, too much space between teeth, fractures, dental asymmetry, etc.


What is teeth whitening?

This treatment lightens the colour of your teeth by applying a chemical agent and sometimes light or heat that penetrates the enamel and the dentine.

Firstly, the dentist applies a substance that covers and protects the gums around the teeth. Next, the whitening agent is placed on the teeth and if it needs activating, a lamp or laser is also applied during the time needed for the treatment to take effect.

How long does the whitening effect last?

The estimated duration time is twelve months, although this depends on the characteristics of each person’s teeth and on their habits.

How often can I have whitening done?

Teeth whitening is a medical treatment, so the dentist will advise if it’s necessary to repeat it, but if stains start to appear it can be done once a year.

When will I see the results?

This will depend on each patient, but you can usually see the results after a few days.

Can it damage my teeth?

No, teeth whitening treatments carried out in the clinic under medical supervision are safe.

How white will my teeth look?

Depending on the colour of your teeth before the treatment, you may be able to get up to 8 shades lighter.

Does whitening hurt?

The treatment isn’t painful, but your teeth may feel a little sensitive during or after the treatment. It’s quite normal during the first 48 hours to experience a few shooting pains that can be prevented simply by not consuming very cold or very hot food and drink.

Can I have my teeth whitened if I’m pregnant?

There’s no evidence that teeth whitening can be bad for your baby, but equally there’s no clear evidence that it’s completely safe. In view of this, we advise either having the treatment before becoming pregnant or waiting until the baby is born and you have finished breastfeeding.


This is a layer of synthetic resin that’s placed on the outer side of the tooth and becomes fixed as it hardens. It’s moulded and given the correct shape and colour in the same session.

What do composite veneers consist of?

It’s currently one of the most commonly used materials for making veneers because of its attractive appearance. As it’s fitted onto the tooth the procedure can be done without filing the teeth down. Veneers are reversible, so if you don’t like them they can be removed with no problem. They’re done in a single day. They can be retouched very easily. The drawback is that they can change colour over time, but this can be solved with small retouches.

How is the treatment done?

Similar to ceramic veneers, before fitting composite veneers the patient’s mouth must be examined and an initial study done.

In this case, the composite veneers are handmade directly onto the patient’s teeth, although the work is more complex and precise, but the results tend to be more natural.

Firstly, the adhesive is applied to the teeth structure, then a photo-polymerisation is done, the composite is fitted and lastly the tooth is polished to achieve a natural finish.

When is it advisable to have composite veneers fitted?

If the correction of the defect related to shape, colour, size or position is to be done on one single tooth, it’s best to use composite as it’s easier to achieve a veneer colour that’s the same as the other teeth.

Can composite veneers become stained?

Yes, some stains may develop after 2 to 5 years, depending on the patient’s habits (smoking, coffee, tea, etc.). However, during maintenance visits the dentist will carry out polishing and check for any changes in the veneers.

How long do composite veneers last?

Composite veneers last up to about 5 years.


This is a fine layer of porcelain fixed to the surface of the treated tooth, replacing the side that’s visible.

What do porcelain veneers consist of?

With these fixed veneers we obtain a better position, colour, size and shape of the tooth. They’re made in minute detail by a laboratory to get the best appearance, shine and luminosity.

How are porcelain veneers fitted?

Before dental veneers are fitted a general check-up is needed to ascertain the patient’s health and ensure a successful result.

Once they are deemed to be in good health, a photographic and bite study is carried out on the patient. After this stage, a digital design of the veneers to be fitted is done to define the size, shape and colour that best suits the patient.

Next, we prepare the teeth for the veneers; measurements are taken using an intra-oral digital scanner for a virtual mould on which the veneers are made. We place a set of provisional veneers with the same shape and size as the final veneers to be fitted to the patient while the porcelain veneers are made.

Lastly, the provisional veneers are removed and the definitive porcelain veneers are fitted. This is done around 10 days after the provisional veneers are fitted.

Is the fitting process painful?

The fitting process isn’t painful, in fact, it doesn’t require a local anaesthetic. What may happen is that you may feel some discomfort around the gum or even mild sensitivity, although everything should be back to normal after a couple of days.

How long do porcelain veneers last?

This depends on factors such as use and how well you look after them. On average they tend to last between 10 and 15 years or even more if looked after properly.

Can porcelain veneers become stained?

No, these veneers don’t change colour over time, not even from tea, wine or smoking.

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