I have crooked teeth

It is more common than is believed, especially if we talk about children, that the position of some teeth is slightly deviated in the jaw.

Should I be worried?

Poorly placed teeth may appear due to genetic inheritance or trauma. In the case of babies, it can also be due to the continued use of the bottle or pacifier. A large part of the people who suffer from this problem wonder how their aesthetic appearance will be affected. And is that crooked teeth away from the possibility of having a perfect smile. Apart from the aesthetic problem, it is necessary to look at other more important aspects that have to do strictly with dental health. Oral hygiene, for example, is one of them. Washing your mouth is more difficult when you have crooked teeth, which can cause long-term inflammation of the gums, a bad bite or wear of the teeth themselves.

What treatment should I follow?

The most appropriate solution will be given by the dentist after a revision of the mandibular area and checking the condition of the crooked teeth.

Possible treatments:

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